GenMix Pro
The new GenMix software allows the end-user access to a database of over 70000 colors for all major vehicles and international standards. From color measurement of the original material with the latest multi-angle spectrophotometers to the appropriate software for color calibration and exact matching.
The color identification software with built-in formulation correction One of the more challenging responsibilities of the refinisher is color and variant identification. This is certainly true if the vehicle's color differs from the original standard shade. With the help of SAVANT®, the software/Spectrophotometer combination by General, these colorimetric obstacles become a thing of the past.
Even the most casual computer user will find SAVANT's interface easy to operate. Its push button driven menu will allow easy access to the original shade as well as the corrected formula. The SAVANT consists of the modified GenMix Pro 1.0 software which includes the search engine and the correction module as well as the 5 angle spectrophotometer device.
Color Box 8000 Colors 
Hand Sprayed Color DocumentationThe Color Box from General provides color shade documentation that couldn't be more convenient and detailed. The advantages are plain to see; the color fans are divided by car brands and updated with supplements on a regular basis. It is fully interfaced with the GenMix Pro 1.0 color retrieval software that allows you to find the right color shade in the shortest possible time and since the chips are produced using General paints, what you see is what you get, simply the best.

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