Our Mission . . .
Lusid Technologies is dedicated to supplying state-of-the-art product technology to the OEM, Fleet, Automotive and Light Industrial marketplace. Our Northstar™ products are automotive quality tailored to meet Fleet and OEM application requirements. Lusid’s research and development laboratory, coupled with our Sales Team, work diligently to ensure suitable applications for our customer needs. Our continuing rapid sales growth fuels our mission and is a testament to its success.

We invite you to join this effort and work with Lusid. We are meticulous and determined in our efforts to deliver the finest paint products for the future with passion and integrity.

State-of-the-art Manufacturing
Lusid’s 90,000 sq. ft. state of the art production plant is located on 26 acres in Salt Lake City, Utah. The modernized facility allows Lusid continued growth while manufacturing ALL of its product lines as well as storage of an extensive inventory. A full line manufacturer of color and components, Lusid is a competitive leader in the marketplace. The end result is better margins for our jobbers while ensuring highly competitive pricing for the end user.

Extensive Research and Development Laboratory
Lusid has assembled a team of chemists and technicians to ensure quality product development. Our team has more than 200 years of combined lab and field experience, which permits Lusid products to be custom-manufactured for end use applications. Unlike our competitors, we tailor our products for special applications – increasing customer satisfaction and productivity.

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